Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best dinner ever!

The smell of rice, beans and barbecue impregnates the place. It's a foreign restaurant called Fogo de Chao, where a person can have a meal like if it was in a restaurant in the middle of Rio de Janeiro on a friday night.
Entering the place one sees the huge pieces of meat spinning in the grill, it looks just right, juicy and well done. The salad bar has everything that makes you wanna be in Brazil, eggs, dice tomatos, corn and beans.
A mini "feijoada" (famous brazilian meal, made mainly of beans) is there too, hot and tasty, one must try some of that.
Sitting at the table the waitress brings come "pao de queijo"(cheese bread) as snacks, it's just perfect. Enjoying those little pieces of Brazil while sipping on a glass of Guarana (famous brazilian drink), it prepares one for the main meal.
The waitresses start arriving at the table one by one with different kinds of meat, pork, lamb and so on, they look just right and delicious. One can sit there and enjoy every single piece of meat, salad or other sides. It's hard to leave the place after such amazing experience, it's sure there will be a next time.

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  1. I feeling sentimental for Brazil. Thank you for sharing this story